9 Pet-Friendly Houseplants for Animal Lovers

Houseplants and pets have more in common than you might think-they both require our love and attention to survive, and they both bring life and joy into our homes. But regardless of how much they have in common, sometimes they just don't mix. Cats and dogs are naturally curious, especially when they're home alone and looking for amusement. Many common houseplants are toxic if ingested, and having them in chewing distance of your pets while they're home alone isn't worth the worry. Here are the best non-toxic indoor plants for safely beautifying your home.

Pet-Safe Indoor Plants

Aluminum Plant

The aluminum plant might have the title of low-maintenance on its side, but its attractive, two-toned leaves are definitely its most famous features. This plant's deep green foliage is embellished with silvery markings, which is where its common name comes from. However, these distinct patterns closely resemble the markings on the outside of a watermelon-hence why it's also known as "watermelon plant!" Regardless of the name you choose, this attractive houseplant is an easy-going addition to your home, and it's 100% pet-friendly.

Boston Fern

As a NASA-approved air-cleaning plant that absorbs toxins and allergens, you might be surprised to learn that Boston ferns are still non-toxic if ingested. In fact, you'll actually be doing your family a favor by bringing this refreshing fern home! In addition to their air-purifying abilities, Boston ferns offer reliable color and texture with their frilly fronds, and they look great in hanging baskets.

Cast Iron Plant

The cast iron plant is named not for its color-which, by the way, is a luscious shade of dark green-but for its incredible hardiness. Often touted as "indestructable," the cast iron plant thrives on neglect and can withstand a pretty wide range of conditions. This plant is a perfect choice for those with mischievous pets, as it can survive the occasional nibble and is completely safe for your furry friends to terrorize. Equipped with bright, indirect sunlight and moist soils, cast iron plants can last for more than a decade.

Christmas Cactus

The holidays are an excellent opportunity for us green thumbs to decorate our homes with winter houseplants. Unfortunately, many classic Christmas plants, such as holly, mistletoe, and amaryllis, are toxic for cats and dogs. Christmas cactus, which features chains of thick, fleshy, pad-like stems and pink winter blooms, is a pet-friendly alternative for the holidays. If you’re looking for something with more traditionally festive colors, poinsettias are also a lovely, non-toxic choice (contrary to popular belief)

Friendship Plant

Thanks to its bi-colored leaves and deep, quilted texture, this Pilea cultivar makes a stunning focal point in any room. The friendship plant is famous for its ability to effortlessly grow new plants from cuttings, which makes it an easy plant to share with friends and family-even your furry ones! Keep this cheery, tropical plant happy with a warm location, and the occasional misting.

Prayer Plant

This plant is easily recognizable thanks to its ovate foliage and distinctive green, yellow, and red markings. Available in a variety of symmetrical patterns, you won't have to worry if your pets are just as intrigued by the prayer plant as you are. This plant's large leaves tend to turn upright and fold together in the evening as if in prayer, earning it its common name.

Spider Plant

This universally-loved houseplant hasn't earned its spot as one of the most popular houseplants for no reason. Its sassy, strappy foliage seemingly bursts over the edge of hanging baskets with variegated color. Besides its attractive foliage and form, it ticks a lot of other boxes that people look for in a houseplant. It's one of the most effective air-cleaning houseplants, it's easy to keep alive, and of course, it's pet-friendly!


Tillandsia, also known as air plants, are named for their unique ability to survive on just air and water-no soil required. This mess-free plant is ideal if your cat likes to push things over for fun (and don't they all?), or your dog's tail is a ticking time-bomb for your table decor. Without the need for soil, air plants are perfect for displaying in creative ways, like in terrariums or perched on some driftwood. Just make sure you can remove them from their display area easily so you can give them a soak every week or so.


While many succulents are safe for pets, many aren't, so it's essential to do your research on each individual type that you intend to bring home. The good news is that echeveria, which is one of our favorites, also happens to be non-toxic! These classic, rosette-shaped succulents come in a variety of sizes and colors, adding an elegant touch to even the smallest of spaces.

You don't have to choose between decorating your living space with houseplants and keeping your fur-babies safe. There are plenty of non-toxic and attractive indoor plants to choose from! By making conscious houseplant choices, you can enjoy their beauty without having to worry about Buster or Boots suffering the consequences. If you're looking for pet-safe plants in the Bismarck area, our selection at Plant Perfect is the cat's pajamas!

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