Create a Backyard Oasis with a Water Feature

When it comes to designing outdoor living spaces, everyone has a unique idea of what their perfect backyard oasis might look like. One thing is for sure, though-regardless of what "look" you're going for, a water feature can help you get there! Whether you're building an impressive space to entertain guests, or a quaint, personal paradise, there's a water feature that will emphasize your design aesthetic. Here are four different versions of backyard paradise you can create with the strategic placement and design of a water feature:

Wall Fountains: A Delightful Backyard Deck

Building a backyard deck is the best way to extend your indoor living space outdoors! With the right features, your patio can become the perfect destination for relaxation, entertainment, and outdoor dining. Whether you use your outdoor space for sunbathing or Sunday brunching, a water feature will undoubtedly make your deck an even more delightful place to be.

For this multi-purpose space, we suggest installing a beautiful wall fountain. These charming water features can transform a typical patio into an elegant outdoor space that guests will find much more inviting. With plenty of design styles and sizes to choose from, it's easy to find a wall fountain that perfectly suits your patio. For those with limited space, wall fountains can be customized to fit your unique design needs.

Water Gurglers: A Relaxing Reading Nook

Water Gurglers: A Relaxing Reading Nook

Does your idea of a lovely afternoon in the garden involve fewer people and more quiet time for yourself? If so, consider including a relaxing reading nook as part of your landscape design! Take advantage of North Dakota's natural beauty and transform a corner of your yard into a private sanctuary to read, nap, paint, meditate, or drink your morning tea in peace and quiet. Of course, this area wouldn't be complete without capturing the most serene sound nature has to offer-running water!

Water gurglers are soothing water features that bring the tranquillity of trickling water to your backyard, while also providing an attractive garden accent. Unlike the steady stream of most garden fountains, the pump found in water gurglers is much less powerful, so they maintain a slower, more relaxing flow of water. Usually, the water emerges from a concrete plate or stone feature and gently rolls off of the sides, for a quiet, calming effect. Complete your reading nook with comfortable outdoor furniture or a cozy hammock, refreshing greenery, and fragrant flowers.

Large Water Fountains: A Grand Entryway

First impressions are the most important-and the entryway to your home or garden is no different. A defined entryway has a profound impact on your landscape and boosts your home's curb appeal-a crucial factor if you're thinking in terms of resale value. Use symmetrical structures to frame your entrance, such as tall pillars, wooden frames, well-manicured trees and shrubs, or stately water features to create a grand entryway you can show off with pride.

Impress your guests with lavish-looking water fountains, such as stand-alone sculptures, tiered fountains, and basalt columns. These regal additions can be used in pairs to define your entrance, or simply embellish the existing area. Complete this picture-worthy area with some large container gardens filled with abundantly-blooming, fragrant flowers.

Backyard Ponds: A Nature-Inspired Garden

Not everyone's idea of a backyard oasis involves grandiose water fountains or elegant dining sets-some of us would prefer to mimic the natural beauty of our state instead. North Dakota is home to gorgeous native plants and tranquil lakes and streams. If you'd rather keep it simple and embrace the natural beauty found right in your backyard, try taking some inspiration from Mother Nature herself with a backyard pond instead.

Backyard ponds are one of the most soothing water features you can include in your garden design. Not only will they naturalize your garden and provide a source of water for local birds and wildlife, but they offer the unique opportunity to include aquatic plants, like Water Lilies, Lotus, and Creeping Jenny. Complete your pond with some fishy friends- Goldfish and Koi Carps are some of the most common pond fish, but there are plenty of options to choose from.

Enhance your nature-inspired garden with native plants to North Dakota that will flourish with minimal effort on your part while attracting pollinators and other wildlife. You can even throw in a little bit of the North Dakota Badlands with some boulder accents and other rock features.

Just like inside your home, outdoor spaces are most enjoyable when they're tailored to your personal taste and preference. Water features can play a key role in adding visual appeal to your favorite garden area and contributing to the overall atmosphere of your backyard oasis. If you're looking for water features in the Bismarck area, head on over and take a look at our selection at Plant Perfect.

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