Festive Tree Toppers and Holiday Decoration

With Thanksgiving under our belt (OK, maybe we had to take off the belt completely), it's officially the start of the Christmas season! Of course, the stores in Bismarck have been in holly-jolly mode for weeks, but now that December is around the corner, it's finally acceptable for you to start turning up the holiday tunes. If you're thinking of changing it up a little bit this year, or if you simply need some Christmas decor inspo, you've come to the right place! Here are some of our favorite festive decorations to get you started.

Christmas Tree Decoration Trends

O, Christmas Tree-the heart of the home during the holiday season. What we love most about them isn't the tree itself, but the decorations that hang on their branches. Here are some decorating trends that might give you some extra inspiration this year:

Coordinated color schemes

have become more and more popular over the years. There's nothing wrong with one-of-a-kind ornaments, but it's also OK to prefer the picture-perfect look of a color-coordinated design. Some of the most festive color themes are your typical combinations of red and/or green with silver, gold, and/or white. Others embrace the beauty of a Bismarck winter with blue, white, and silver. If you want to switch it up from your typical Christmas colors and do something totally unique, a purple, pink, rust, or black color scheme might be a perfect fit for your eclectic home.


trees are naturally beautiful and add a cozy, woodsy feel to your home during the holidays. Of course, greens and browns fit right into this theme, but neutral colors like white, silver, and gold also look great and add a touch of elegance. Burlap ribbon, wooden ornaments, acorns, berries, and snowy accents make those branches look like they never left the forest. Touches of red or plaid-patterned decor add a pop of color without taking anything away from the rest of the look.

Ribbon garland

might be just what your Christmas tree is missing if it seems a little dull or unfinished. Whether you wrap it around and around or have it fall from the top down in elegant curls, ribbon makes a lovely touch. Try choosing a color that blends well with your ornaments. If you've really got an eye for it, you can even combine more than one ribbon color or pattern. Just remember to put your ribbon on before starting to hang your decorations-the alternative isn't quite so fun.

Homemade ornaments

aren't just special keepsakes; they're also charming additions to your tree that make it much more sentimental. Whether it's painted bulbs, felt figures, or pine cone animals, there are thousands of homemade ornament ideas available online-something for everyone, for sure. Plus, crafts are a fun, festive way to spend an afternoon with the kids-and isn't that what the holidays are all about, anyway?

Christmas Tree Toppers

Christmas Tree Toppers

There's something about Christmas tree toppers being the final, finishing touch that feels a little bit magical to us. Just think of all those Christmas movies with heartwarming moments about family tradition and putting the star up last. The topper is like a crown; it's the biggest and shiniest ornament on the tree, so it's got to be a good one!


are the most traditional choice. Angels play a significant role in the biblical Christmas story. They're beautiful choices for toppers and act as a reminder of the reason for the season.


Are the second-most popular tree-toppers. For some, stars are pretty, shiny, and simply belong on top of the tree. For others, they symbolize the Star of Bethlehem. The great thing about stars is that there are so many different colors and styles out there. Some are simple silver, gold, or white, while others are multi-colored. Some light up, while some just sparkle on their own. If you're going for a nature-inspired theme, opt for an earthy star made of foraged twigs and real or artificial winter berries.

Aside from an angel or a star, there are plenty of beautiful, less traditional options, like a snowflake, a Santa figure, a Santa hat, or a beautiful bow. If you want to stick to a woodsy theme, you could use an owl, a dove, or a birdhouse. Whether it's fun and colorful, charming and elegant, or rustic and woodsy, just remember to tie your topper into the overall theme of your Christmas decorations.

Festive Holiday Decor

Festive Holiday Decor

Aside from the Christmas tree, there are plenty of other ways to decorate your house for the holiday season. Here are some other Christmas decoration ideas to make each of your living spaces festive and fun.

Lighting Ideas:

hey don't have to be just for the Christmas tree! During the season of joy and cheer, lights are the most effective way to bring brightness to your home. Illuminate your home with outdoor lights and luminous lawn ornaments. Inside, wrap them around handrails with garland and stick them up in the windows. If you love the Stranger Things series, you can even take a page out of Joyce Byers' book and hang them up creatively on the walls!

Garland Ideas:

Continue the greenery theme into other areas of your home with garland. Like lights, garlands can spruce up any fixture in your home-your doorways, stairwell, rails, fireplaces, etc. Choose a material that matches the theme of your decor.

Winter Wreaths:

As a garden center, we truly believe there's no such thing as too much greenery around the holidays. Tie together your indoor and outdoor decor with a winter wreath hanging on your front door. Not only do they make your home warm and welcoming, but some wreaths can be left out to decorate your home all winter long.

Stocking Solutions:

Finally, hang your stockings by the chimney with care-unless you don't have a fireplace, in which case you might have to get a little creative. Don't worry; you can still show off your family's cute matching stockings in plenty of other places around your home. You can string them up in your living room window, along the railing of a staircase, or hang them from a shelf or TV stand with a stocking hanger. You can even buy or make keyholder-like decorative hangers to hold them up on the wall.

Christmas Plants

Christmas Plants

We couldn't talk about Christmas decor without mentioning what we know best-plants! While finding plants that perform best at this time of year proves to be a little more challenging than other occasions, there are plenty of tried and true options.


Poinsettias are classic centerpieces during the holiday season, conveniently blooming in vivid red and deep green just when your home needs it most. With proper sunlight and a consistent watering schedule, you can make your poinsettias last all winter long.

Christmas Cactus:

This winter-blooming houseplant produces bright pink-red blooms that remind you of spring when the snow is flying outside. Be warned; this Christmas flower decoration doesn't always bloom at Christmas-some years, you might have a Thanksgiving cactus or an Easter cactus instead.


You can't deck the halls without boughs of holly-and that's because their glossy evergreen foliage and bright red berries provide reliable, festive color during the holiday season. As a fairly big flowering shrub, holly definitely isn't classified as a houseplant, but if you have one in your yard, it won't hurt to snip off a few boughs at this time of year.

There are endless ways to decorate your home for Christmas, but what's most important is having decor that reflects your personality and makes you happy. We hope we've inspired you with some great ideas to make your home a little more festive and joyful for you, your family, and your guests this season. Be sure to check out our home decor section here at Plant Perfect for some extra inspiration before Christmas arrives!

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