How to Care for Your Easter Lily

Spring has finally arrived, and that means Easter is just around the corner! As we near the holiday, garden centers are busy stocking their shelves with gorgeous Easter lilies for churches, florists, and customers who appreciate their radiance and symbolism.

Importance of the Easter Lily
The Easter lily isn't just another beautiful spring bulb - it's perhaps one of the most symbolically significant flowers in Christianity. Throughout the somber Easter story, they appear as a joyful symbol of hope, life, and perseverance. It is said that the Easter lily bloomed from the soil in the Garden of Gethsemane where Christ wept before his crucifixion. Others say that they grew from the blood of Jesus that fell from the cross.
Every part of the flower is symbolic in its own way. The Easter lily bulb that we bury in the ground represents the tomb that Jesus was placed in. Their white, trumpet-shaped blooms represent the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a symbol of Angel Gabriel's trumpet call of His rebirth. The white color stands for purity and joy of the savior's new life, which is why these "white-robed apostles of hope" fill churches with their grace and fragrance on Easter Sunday.

Easter Lily Flower
Native to the southern islands of Japan and Taiwan, Easter lilies are adored for much more than their symbolic nature. Not only do their bugle-shaped flowers represent the trumpet call of Christ's resurrection, but they also announce the arrival of spring! Their snowy white flowers sit atop tall stems and emit a wonderful floral scent, making Easter lilies a gorgeous addition to any spring bouquet.
Remember, only Easter lilies potted and grown indoors will be forced to flower in time for Easter. If you plant these perennial bulbs in an outdoor garden you'll have to wait for a mid-summer show. When shopping for Easter lilies, don't fall for the gorgeous, open-flowers before you. Admire their beauty, but leave with plants that have lots of closed buds for spring-blooming beauties that'll last for weeks.

Easter Lily Care

Although Easter weekend lasts only 3 days, that doesn't mean your lilies have to be just as short-lived. Keep them blooming with just a few simple steps!
In the garden, Easter lilies enjoy full sun to partial shade. Mimic this environment indoors by placing them in a bright area, with indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight can scorch and overheat the plant. These flowers last longer in a cool but comfortable temperature, and away from any drafts or heaters.
Another easy way to make them last longer is to remove their yellow anthers. This prolongs their life and also prevents pollen from spreading throughout your house, dusting everything in yellow. Not only does pollen interfere with spring cleaning, but it makes those of us who suffer from allergies miserable. Spring is already full of allergens, we definitely don't want any more in our homes!

Water your Easter lilies when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. Though they like moisture, they don't like wet feet. Make sure the soil is well-drained and the container has holes at the bottom. If it's wrapped in a foil wrapper, either remove the foil or poke some holes in the bottom.

Other Spring Flowering Plants
With their elegantly white blooms and deep meaning, Easter lilies are without a doubt the perfect traditional flower for the religious holiday. But spring isn't all about Easter, it's also an exciting time full of new life and growth. Celebrate the rebirth of our gardens with these colorful seasonal favorites that still carry some meaning to their names:
Azaleas: It's hard to miss these bright-eyed and bushy beauties. Their shade-tolerant flowers often bloom for weeks on end, perfect for brightening up the darkest areas of your garden. A symbol of love and care for one another, the pink, purple, and red varieties are great gifts for romantic partners or loved ones. The deeper the shade, the more romantic the flower. Yellow varieties are lighter and less intense, representing friend and family relationships.

Hybrid lilies: With so many hybrid lilies to choose from, they can really cater to whatever size, shape and color you like. Oriental lily varieties are statement flowers - they're large and bright, and emit a warm, spicy fragrance. As the universal symbol of beauty, these blooms express wealth and elegance. Asiatic lilies are a little more subtle but offer the widest range of color choice of any lily variety. They're a symbol of life, creativity, and good luck. Also called the 'Flower of Good Fortune', these easy-going flowers can lift anyone's spirits.
Hydrangeas: These abundant, snowball-like flowers are popular for their dreamy shades of pink, purple and blue. Their cotton candy colors truly take the spotlight and add beauty to any garden. They're associated with profound emotion and gratitude, with blue varieties being a specific symbol of apology. Pink varieties are sometimes heart-shaped, symbolic of genuine emotion and a popular gift for 4th wedding anniversaries.

Whether you're interested in the purity and symbolism of the Easter lily, or other bright spring blossoms (or both!), we've got you covered. Drop into our garden center today for plants that will brighten up your season with beauty and significance.

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