Perennial Blooming Calendar

For gardeners, watching one of your beloved perennial plants effortlessly flourishing with flowers is a proud moment. With minimal effort required from us, perennials will return faithfully each season to provide consistent color to our gardens. However, sometimes we find ourselves in a transition period between seasons where our garden fades in color as it awaits the next round of buds to break. To ensure you've got a garden with colorful blooms all year long, we've put together a perennial blooming calendar, season by season, so you'll never have a boring, flowerless garden ever again:

Spring Blooming Perennials

Every year, as the bleakness of winter starts to fade into green grass and budding blooms, we realize just how much we appreciate the new growth and bountiful blooms of spring. As some of the most appreciated flowers in our garden, these spring-blooming perennials help to cut winter short and bring color back into our lives:

Primrose: Available in almost every vivid color under the sun, these small, tolerant blooms will provide brightness to your spring garden early in the season.

Violet: Violas, and their close cousins, pansies, thrive in the cool, moist conditions of mid-spring. These gorgeous blooms are known for their symmetrical faces and complementary shades of violet, lavender and yellow-though some varieties are red, apricot, or white.

Peonies: Both garden peonies and tree peonies provide late spring color with charming, ruffled blooms in warm shades of pink, red, white, and yellow. These garden classics are the perfect way to transition from lovely spring flowers to the bright blooming perennials of summer.

Summer Blooming Perennials

Summer-blooming perennials generally love to bask in the heat and soak up the sun. Now, if we did as much sunbathing as they did, we'd end up with a pretty dark tan- or a gnarly sunburn. But the more these flowers sit in the sun, the more brilliantly vibrant their blooms become. Remember, like us, they'll need lots of water to keep them hydrated in the heat. Here are some of our favorite summer blooming perennials:

Shasta Daisy: With their perfect, white petals and sunny yellow centers, daisies are classic summer perennials. Shasta daisies, in particular, are known for their hearty blooms that are perfect for brightening your garden - and your day - from summer until early fall.

Monarda: Monarda, or Bee Balm, add small bursts of bright color to your garden, commonly in shades of red, pink, and purple. We're not the only one who enjoy these little flower fireworks; bees, butterflies, and other beneficial pollinators flock to these nectar-filled blooms.

Lavender: A fan favorite for its elegant purple color and delightful fragrance, lavender is a great summer-blooming perennial to soften and naturalize your landscape.

Fall Blooming Perennials

While spring and summer are the stars of the show, flowering perennials don't stop there. Fall blooming perennials help us to hold onto florals for just a little bit longer before the inevitable winter scene takes over. Here are a few sure-fire flowers that will compliment your garden's gorgeous fall foliage.

Autumn Joy: This large perennial comes from the sedum family, with pale, rosy flowers emerging in early fall and turning to a fitting, rusty-bronze as the season passes.

Chrysanthemum: These gorgeous flowers thrive in the chilly air and long nights of autumn. Some have large, showy heads, while others bear a simple, single row of petals, but all chrysanthemums display stunning color to match the blazing shades of fall.

Winter Blooming Perennials

Many gardeners give up on their gardens when the snow starts to fall, and while we totally get the appeal of hibernating for the cold season, that doesn't mean your garden's appeal has to suffer. There are many plants that provide winter interest, and even a few winter-blooming perennials to help you remember what flowers look like during the frigid North Dakota winter.

Viburnum: Many evergreen viburnums produce pretty white-pink flowers throughout the winter and well into spring, while some deciduous varieties will even bloom on bare branches!

Hellebore: These five-petaled pretties are perfect for those of us who just can't wait for the snow to melt- and let's be honest, that's most of us. Also called Lenten Rose, these gorgeous flowers are known harbingers of spring with their cup-shaped blooms and wide range of colors that poke through the snow weeks before winter ends.

Make sure your garden is always interesting and in-season by planting some of these beautiful, blooming perennials this year. Remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg- drop into Plant Perfect to see our full selection of flowering perennials that'll provide your garden with reliable color year after year.

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